Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Pathway to Professionalism


In the current globally competitive economy, there is an increasing focus and attention on professionals, executives and skilled workers to make a lifelong commitment to continuous upgrading and training in their respective careers.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme is designed to encompass a wide array of courses and activities at different competency levels, and catering to the needs and requirements of Practising Management Consultants (PMCs). It aims to guide and support PMCs to enhance their knowledge and to ensure that they are always kept up to date, so that they can provide better service and give value-added counsel to their clients. This in turn assures the public and the business world at large that the competencies of PMCs are being maintained, kept current and developed.

All PMCs are expected to maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out their work competently and professionally, in the face of continuous technological and economic change, and a constantly evolving business climate. As an attestation of the value of the PMC Certification, PMCs are therefore required to meet a minimum number of CPD hours.


This diagram illustrates the PMC Professional Pathway. Each step in the pathway represents the progression in competency, from Foundation, to Experienced, Expert and eventually to Thought Leader. The four levels of competency (Foundation, Experienced, Expert, and Thought Leader) serve as a learning guide to help PMCs to plan their learning journey.

Foundation course is for PMCs who have no prior knowledge of the subject. Courses at this level serve as an introductory of the subject and is suitable for PMC who is keen to gain the elementary knowledge about the subject.

Experienced course involves deeper understanding of the subject. PMCs should possess some prior knowledge of the subject. The courses will enable PMCs to apply, integrate and contextualise higher level of technical and professional skills and knowledge.

Expert course will enable PMCs to apply, integrate and contextualise skills and knowledge in the complex and changing work environment. PMCs are required to possess industry experience and have been involved in high level of organization and resource management.

The four specialty areas on Productivity, Human Resources, Financial Management and Intellectual Property Management that surround the pathway are present in each level, to ensure that there is an all-round development at each level.

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