Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan Lai Peng
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Chief Executive Officer
Center for Competency-Based Learning & Development Pte Ltd
Area of Expertise:
Competency Training
Corporate Training
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Human Resource Management (HRM) Training
Information Technology (IT) Management
Organisation Development
Performance Management
Retail Performance Measurement
Service Excellence
Supervisory Skills
Talent Management
Training & Development
Developing industry competency maps
Developing industry competency standards
Developing competency framework (for organizational, departmental and functional levels)
Developing competency standards for jobs to meet organizational needs
Developing competency-based training programs, including classrooms, on-the-job and e-learning programs (Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) and non-WSQ)
Developing assessment plans (WSQ & Non-WSQ)
Providing independent assessment services including mystery shopping programs
Providing consultancy in setting up WSQ and non-WSQ training centres
Converting and aligning company’s existing training programs to WSQ training programs
Providing consultancy and training on the use of WSQ Framework for human capital development and management
Providing audit services of WSQ and non-WSQ training centres
Providing audit services of WSQ and non-WSQ training programs
Providing audit services of trainers and assessors
Leading and facilitating validation exercises for organizations to enhance the organization’s training and assessment system and trainers and assessors capabilities
Developing classroom and on–the-job trainers and assessors
Providing coaching services to build trainer capabilities
Coaching assessors to enhance assessment capabilities
Developing competency-based curriculum developers (WSQ and non-WSQ)
Developing and conducting customised training programs to meet organization’s needs






Certification Since and To Date:
1 Feb 2013 to 31 Jan 2021

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