In a globally competitive climate, the business world is constantly changing - along with the expectations of organisations on what a management consultant should bring to the table.  

SBACC certified PMCs go through a rigorous and stringent assessment process which ensures that they meet multiple qualifying criteria including educational and professional qualification, relevant working experiences, clients' testimonials and even integrity checks.

When hiring a SBACC certified PMC, an organisation can be confident that the PMC is bound by the PMC Code of Professional Conduct.  This is to validate the integrity and professionalism of the PMCs which in turn gives organisations a peace of mind when engaging PMCs.


Given the stringent structure of the PMC Certification Scheme, companies are assured of:

Improved Accountability

The certification is tied to the individual consultant who is to compile to the professional standards of conduct and Code of Ethics drawn up by the Practising Management Consultant -Certification Board (PMC-CB).  This tightens the accountability form the PMC.

Adherence to International Standards

SBACC has been accredited with the ISO/IEC 17024 since January 2015.  SBACC keeps to her commitment to adhere to international standards and best practices in the certification of individuals.

Official Endorsement

Government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore (ESG) endorse the PMC Scheme for its stringent process in certifying management consultants.

Independent Administration

The Practising Management Consultant-Certification Board(PMC-CB) functions independently and makes the final decision in every application.